Hey guys ! I'm in library of perth now.
I get phone number !!!! (It's not easy to get number......)
You can call me in au number and send sms in my taiwan number.

It's cold in the morning but hot during  11-15  @_@
There are so many flies  but the streets are clean @_@

I still don't sleep well.....
A little tings made me helpless and miss my worm home.
But I stll told my mama I was fine yesterday.   
I think maybe I take less money , so I'm a little worried.
I don't eat much  and well ....

The Sky in perth is very clean and blue but no cloud .
People in perth are nice :)

By the way ,
I met an au guy living in perth on the flight from sin to perth.
He is so sososososo nice :)
We had happy chatting.  

Much thinking  I want to tell u   I can't type in English... 
I'll take of muself  and be more strong.

These days  I'm busy to apply sth about work.
maybe  I'll have some time to swan(?!) river on Sunday.
or maybe I and my TAIWAN friends(almost 11!!!) go to watch airplane race.  

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  • zhixin
  • 加油唷

  • GeoKit
  • miss u

    gal, happy to read your messages here... miss u...
    i'll go to Taiwan(again!) at the end of this month... this time w/ my Grandma!! poor that I can't take her to visit ur home in Taiwan :P
    hey, is the phone no. a mobile one?? so i can send u sms??
  • ti
  • It's a mobile number, and I sent a SMS. Not sure if she got it.
  • oh no...I haven't got :(((
    maybe u should try to send to my tw number.

    followurheart 於 2007/11/06 17:56 回覆

  • GeoKit
  • thanks ti..

    good, maybe I send her one to try later :P