I'm in library again! 
I'm looking for a job today. 
It's cloudy and hot today.

I am so suprrised that chin also will go to au !
There are so many taiwaneses........................ Orz 

I meet  2 HK ^^ (handsome guys !!)
One helps us to open account in the bank ; 
Another I meet in job shop :p  He tells me sth about job. 
When I meet him again , I ask him phone number XDDD  but he will leave perth very soon...

I doesn't have network in the hostel.....
so it's hard to keep in touch with u .....
maybe when I get job , I'll have time to take my NB to Russell Square(it's a little far by walk) to get online (my friends do it today !!) 

see u
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  • ti
  • good luck with job hunting. which suburb are you staying in?
  • Sunil Krishnamurthy
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