hey gus~ How are u ???

I'm in small town,,,,,,,
If I want to call to Taiwan by payphone , I have to walk 15-20 minites....
On next week  I'll work 5-6 hrs  per day  and 4 days / week.

There are less Taiwaneses :ppp 
In my work and staff house , they  all speak Enghish (some of them are au , others are from UK ) 
My roomates are friendly  but they always drink (so munh) and smoke (outside)...
Last night , I and my friend drank with them.... ( I never drink so much )
then , we had a good conversation :)

I'm not sure how long I will stay here.
because last morning "boss" told us there was no work of 2 persons , we had to think  leaving or staying  or other plan . in the night she came and told us she could give both of us 5-6 hours/day and 4 days/week. 
I was ready to leave  in day but decided to stay in last night.
so even I have work and address now , I still not sure  how long I will stay here.

There are so many beauitful beaches !!!
I plan to buy a second hand bike to have nice beach rinding :P

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  • GeoKit
  • that's good

    there is library for you to kill time... take care~~
    i got ur postcard :D & sent an sms to u.. got it?
  • yup!!!I got it! Thank u :)

    followurheart 於 2007/11/19 16:16 回覆

  • yilan
  • 有好一段日子沒到這兒看你的消息,因家中有事,但現在沒大礙了。

    病已痊癒了? take care!
  • I think maybe I cook dinner at that time :)
    病已痊癒,thx, miss u

    followurheart 於 2007/11/19 16:18 回覆

  • ti
  • Yeah, get a second hand bike and have some nice rides. Get a good one, since you can sell it again later :-)