now I'm in blue mountain YHA.
this YHA is so nice :) I usually sit in living room and see others doing.
the weather is not cold but frozen !!! Orz
they said it maybe snow on Tuesday but it didn't........ >.< 

Blue mountain is nice and really " blue" XD

After Uluru , I have said no more hiking and camping.
I did some hiking (bushwaling?!) 
I'm going to camping  next week !

tomorrow I will go back to Sydney and leave again on Monday night.
then, I will join a 3 days tour of Fraser Island with my friend.

by the way , my travel book was lost....... >"<

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  • GeoKit
  • what?

    travel book?????
    u mean that Lonely Planet?
  • yuru
  • yes...I LOST IT
  • yuru
  • in rainbow beach

    hey guys! I'm in QLD now. just came back from fraser island 3 days tour (the biggest sand island in the world).
    it's exciting driving 4WD on long beach and mountain.I still don't like to camp >.< but my tour group is nice.
    I think I will leave here tomorrow and go to Noosa or Brisbane.Then taking a flight to Cains or Tomsville(in north) on
    this sunday or next monday.
    btw,I travel with my friend for few days but will be along soon.
    I'm fine except getting homesick (still think should I go back before 13th August)
  • GeoKit
  • hey

    ah... why u wanna go back in Aug?
    btw, Kamel has accepted my friend request in facebook.. hahaaha... :P
  • 看某人演唱會*踢*

    改天我也要去弄facebook 外國人都在用這個耶!
    還有還有 縮小照片的檔案記得給我喔!!(不然我真得好懶得更新照片啊)

    followurheart 於 2008/07/25 21:55 回覆

  • GeoKit
  • 我跟你講

    不要做傻事!!! *飛踢*
    你要thumbnail? 我都還沒弄thumbnail... 不過倒是洗了三百張照片 :x
  • 洗三百張...................你瘋了嗎?XDD


    那你去遊說我老媽 不要下回家通緝令咩.....
    至於某人 每次僥倖能看到變聲後的影片 我的心就涼半截 *這不是肯德基 這不是肯德基*

    followurheart 於 2008/07/27 18:23 回覆