hey guys~~~ I'm in Cairns now ! 
It's hot in day and night.
I'm looking for skydive tour ^^  (so expensive....around 300au and extra vedio would be 120au)
I will go the hightest one--14,000 ft and maybe do it on 07/08 (Chinese Valentine's Day !!!)

I still think about go back taiwan in August  because I'm a little tired to travel and get some pressure from my mama. 
but ,,,,,,,,, i get problem  that flight ticket from cairns to taipei or singapore is too expensive for me @_@
I have not decided anything.

by the way ,
I have done sailing and snorkeling in Whitsunday but missed the helicopter ( i cried for that for a while)
and got a very quiet birthday ( cos just few people remembered?) and no birthday cake or no birthday song.
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