5/12  Staff party
I drank too much and different drink 
and I was drunk...........
At day , we had a game abd had to drive to different palces(beach,bar,shop, shooting ...) to get password! 
It's so crazy ~
At 5pm , we had BBQ in our house. less people ate BBQ but all people drank beer and wine !!!!!!!!!
At 9pm, I went to Pub with my roommates and other staff.
I danced with my BIG BOSS that he is also my roommate and his behavior and body shape are so similar with BOSS LIN of TW
I think it's too closed and crazy for me to dance with him.

anyway, I had lots of fun :))))))))))))

I met a woman and she invited us to eat  dinner.
Her friends picked us to her house ( ar that time, my roommates worried us becauseshe heard last night lots of men talked with us....)
I didn't drink but eat simple dinner with her family and her friends.
I watched him all night !
but he jast 19 y/o ....................

I did kitchen hand.
The boss also is chef  was fuuny and said i did well !

I  did  kitchen hand again.
but the boss thought i do too slowly  :(
I heard he said  FUCKING  and FUCKING  all night. ( I HATE THAT WORD!)
I was scared   and can't sleep well .
My fingers hurt and blooded. :( so poorly , my work hasto use finger ang toughed water all time :(

I want to give up this job (coz i think i have done as quick as possible ) 
another reason is he said he can't pick me home everynight ( yesterday i finished at 0:30am  and 7/12 at 11pm)
but maybe i have to go on to make me strong......... 

btw , I wake up at 5:30am and start work(housekeeping) at 6:45am. then, finish at 3pm. 6pm ~0:30am do kitchen hand)
so crazy.............. 114.5 work hours!

in luck , I am off  today.

these days , I am in low mood.
but I can't write it  in the blog >_<


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