I have been in Australia for 3 monthes !!!  wow~~~~~~~~~~
so a little homesick.......
it will pass and I will be fine :)

I haven't get online over 2 weeks so miss sth about my friends (sorry........)

these days I can't sleep well because my new roommates always have party in the midnight and they don't clean house !!!
I am angry about that. So is Michael.

last week we drave to Margret River and Augusta.
There are beautiful ocean ,lighthouse,caves and WINE companies.
I had good time to visit that but bad time to be  "human GPRS" . 
so I decide to travel alone in next week. (maybe?!)

the days are almost the same....
the special are 
There are 3 new housekeepers in Caves House and they are TW girls!
Rose(also is housekeeper) said my English is pretty good  and  I laught...... I said u are the second say that and the first person is my roommate(James) but he was drunk on that day XD
I MADE A CAKE on 30/01 for duck's birthday and we ate it all !!!  

We will have a Chinese New Year Eve's dinner with Linda and her son&dog, 3 TW girls , Michael(maybe?) ,Yvette(maybe?).
I am so nervous to cook  tranditional new year eve's dinner...............@_@ ( the hardest thing is not much chinese food i can buy in Dunsborough )
So...... if anyone can teach me how to cook ,I will appreciate u !

The last ,
thank  PN , Kitty and Berry for sending stuff to me :DDD
I like them !!!
and thx yilan give me a call :D take care of urself !!!

I will leave on 7/02.
I don't think I can get online again before that day.


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