I'm in library of perth!
I'll fly to Melbourne tomorrow midnight.
then fly to Tasmania on Sunday.
I and teresa will travel in Tas foe one week.
so I can't use internet until I go back to Melbourne.

I had finish my down south travelling with 4 TW backpackers(2 boys and 2 girls)
We went to Dunsborough,Margaret River,Augusta,Pemberton,Walpole,Albany,Hyden and WAVE ROCK!
I climped 2 high trees of 61m and 75m. It's so ~~~~~~ exciting!! XD
We drave long day(one and half day) to wave rock! It's amazing!

I think I'm fine now ( go to my another blog and u will know what's happened ).
Although I want to fall in love, I can't accept that guy. 
I still stand for my rules of relationship.
I want to have "peach flowers" but not "bad peach flower"
oh, btw, HK girl going to my house in New Year's eve said she thought Michael like me...



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