hi~guys~ how are u ?
I'm in sydney now and stay here until 8 July. 
Then, i think I will go to blue mountain to celebrate my "first birthday in this year".
I hope i could see snow in there .
by the way , i have no idea where i'll be on my really birthday. 

After leaving Bundaberg , I had went to Brisbane , Byron Bay , Adelaide , Alice Spring and Uluru with chin , wenchi and Kitty.
Today they are going back to Brisbane and HK. 
so I travel alone again ! ( my mama so worries about that !!)
I just want to walk slowly and much sleep.

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  • ti
  • Blue Mountain is nice, do some bush walking before you try that crazy train!
  • yuru
  • I'm going to blue mountain tomorrow and stay there for 3 nights or more.
    then.... still no idea...