• Oct 11 Sat 2008 16:56
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I'm glad that i enjoy the life in au and have lots of fun and happy time.

though.... the ending is soooooo sad and bad.

it's enough for me.

though I am so sad and a little angry why did she wait me for 2 more weeks.

I'm sorry for her  waiting me for 11 monthes.


now I par more extra fee for changing and booking tickets. (au:86 sg:366)

I will leave au on 13/10 and arrive at Taipei on14/10.


I will not go to hongkong and stay in singapore.


I don't have enough time to buy gift for u guys.

sorry for that.



in Darwin


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  • GeoKit
  • it's not that she can control, as u believe in God, and i believe in fate.
    take care~
  • 婆婆
  • 收到你的短訊,擔心著你的情況,多祈禱,我也會為你禱告。好好保重!
  • 悄悄話
  • ti
  • 留了悄悄話,但太悄了,我自己也看不到內容 :-(
  • you can't see it because it's secret message :p but i can see !;)

    now I am in Singapore airport and sleep in airport again....
    It's a little bit different so I can't find the chair I slept last year....

    I think I'm fine maybe because I am not in Taiwan now.
    My grandma was gone.
    I can't see her anymore even the last face.

    followurheart 於 2008/10/13 21:57 回覆

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